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sellout n : an act of betrayal

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  1. An action in which principles are compromised for financial gain.
  2. A person who compromises their principles for financial gain.
    That rock star used to be hard core, but now he's just a sellout.
  3. An event for which all tickets have been purchased.
    The game was a sellout.


  1. To do something for financial gain despite one's principles; to sacrifice one's principles for monetary advantage.

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''Sellout is a live music band consisting of 5-9 guys and gals in costume performing over the top smash hits from the 60's-today. Focusing on 70's and 80's dance music, Sellout creates a dance party performing dozens of memorable sing-a-longs the crowd knows by heart. With equal attention on the show Sellout provides an entertaining alternative to the average cover band.
Sellout''' started in 2000 and has had a long roster of band members including 8 drummers, 3 bassists, 3, keyboardists, 7 horn players, 14 female singers, 5 guitarists and 4 percussionists. The current lineup as of May 2008 includes the Original members, Nick Kounas on Guitar and Vocals dressed as Jim Morrison and Steve Ozark on Bass and vocals dressed as Gene Simmons. Other current members include Danny Loental on Sax and Vocals dressed in his Devo costume, Jenny Smith on Vocals dressed as Marilyn Monroe, Bob Little on drums dressed as Ringo Starr from the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover, Nate Holt on Keys and vocals dressed as either Rick James or Elvis, Mike Edmondson on percussion dressed as a crazy 88? and Stephanie Kacsir on vocals dressed as Olivia Newton John.

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Judas kiss, betrayal, consumer preference study, consumer research, consumer survey, direct-mail selling, double cross, hard sell, hawking, high-pressure salesmanship, huckstering, jobbing, low-pressure salesmanship, mail-order selling, market research, marketing, marketing research, merchandising, peddling, promotion, retailing, sales campaign, sales promotion, salesmanship, selling, soft sell, wholesaling
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